Video from the CONCAMO® Marketing Cooperation

At the marketing cooperation by CONCAMO® several companies from the tactical sector meet and create an amazing setup. That way harmonious pictures can be created.
Lately a new video was uploaded by CONCAMO.

I supported this event with some planning and as one of the photographers. I am stunned, what great work our video guy made. Thumbs up! 😉

Some of the gear and equipment we had:
– Act in Black: Night vision goggles
– md-textil: Tactical gear
– Rheinmetall: Laser and light, flashbangs and grenades
– Lowa: Tactical Boots
– GHOSTHOOD: Camouflage equipment
– ATC: Sig Sauer rifles and pistols
– Dynamit Nobel: Anti tank rocket launcher RGW110
– TAGS: Tactical rappel anchors