Conventional 3d leaf suit vs. GHOSTHOOD Ghost-Hoodie in near infrared


I was thinking about doing this video for some time now. People try to tell me how expensive and overpriced GHOSTHOOD is. And most of the times they 1. don’t use camouflage in a professional environment and 2. they try to compare it to 40-50$ suits. 

Guys … these suits don’t even have NIR colors. And what is also not included: Hand Camo, Face Camo, Shoe Camo, … You also can’t fit a small backpack under most of these suits.
But with the Ghost-Hoodie you have this all in one product. You can even carry ballistics and rifle under this camouflage ponco.

But enough words. Feel free to watch the video or visit the GHOSTHOOD website.



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Video from the CONCAMO® Marketing Cooperation

At the marketing cooperation by CONCAMO® several companies from the tactical sector meet and create an amazing setup. That way harmonious pictures can be created.
Lately a new video was uploaded by CONCAMO.

I supported this event with some planning and as one of the photographers. I am stunned, what great work our video guy made. Thumbs up! 😉

Some of the gear and equipment we had:
– Act in Black: Night vision goggles
– md-textil: Tactical gear
– Rheinmetall: Laser and light, flashbangs and grenades
– Lowa: Tactical Boots
– GHOSTHOOD: Camouflage equipment
– ATC: Sig Sauer rifles and pistols
– Dynamit Nobel: Anti tank rocket launcher RGW110
– TAGS: Tactical rappel anchors