„none of this will ever save you“ Kommentar auf Youtube

Mein ‚Special Forces Helmet Upgrad‘ Video wurde mal wieder kommentiert. In dem Video mache ich diverse Dinge an einen ballistischen Helm.
Ich fand die Kommentare so interessant, dass ich diese hier teilen möchte. Ich möchte hier weder mich besonders souverän darstellen noch die andere Person herabsetzen. Mir geht es hier lediglich darum, dass wir hier leider zu keinem gemeinsamen Nenner gefunden haben.

Der Kommentator ist im Nachfolgenden ‚A‘ und ich bin ‚R‘. Das geistige Eigentum von ‚A‘ gehört zu dem YT Channel UCamQRoTG6dcn7142O0-bsJA.

A: none of this will ever save you

R: Yeah, ballistic protection, hearing protection and protection for the eyes will not save me. Also a light to see in the dark will not save me. Thank you, random guy from the internet.

A: @ripperkon  << says the random guy from the internet posing to be an expert who doesn’t watch real war footage

R: aaah, so we just found the reason for a action cam 😉 I don’t want to be rude, but why does non of this „save me“? I don’t get your point. Protection protects. But sure, there is a lot more needed to save someone’s life.

A: stick to playing soldiers in the woods
A: please explain how it does cause you didn’t do any ballistics tests in the video. prove your claims before claiming them

R: the products are tested by certified facilities. I am not a resting facility for ballistics. I trust them. If you need proof, feel free to contact the manufacturers. And additional to this, I life in Germany. Here the gun laws are kind of special.

A: of course, deviate from what you said. tha’ts typical of a fraud. its always someone elses fault not yours hahah
A: you obviously dont watch testing footage

R: okay. I see this conversation does not change to constructive criticism. As I see it only quite often. Have a nice day and stay safe. Feel free to block my channel, than you don’t have to watch this content from a „fraud“.

A: feel free to not respond to my comments
A: you want constructive criticism that feeds your fantasies. everything i said was correct, its you who hasn’t researched it themselves.

R: I assume you don’t know much about certification process of these things. I did not say, it will stop a rifle bullet. This video is just about a setup. Or maybe I just don’t get, what you try to tell me.

A: I assume you don’t know what certification means. As i stated before, that you’re just now realizing. „none of this will ever save you“ I told you that from the start, you had a problem coming to that realization.

R: I think we talk past each other. Helmets can clearly stop a slow bullet, shrapnel and prevent injuries. And this is (at least in my understanding) something that can save you. And hearing protection will also help to prevent hearing loss. So in my understanding of „save“, this will save my hearing. Some soldiers even saved theire eyes by wearing eye protection. But seems like you have an other understanding of ‚beeing saved‘. For me, this is totally fine.

A: that extra 30kg on top of the rest of your gear. operators don’t go in with decked out helmets, they need to hear their surroundings. everything your stating is a fantasy of yours of how something might happen. you don’t watch war footage. operators for the most part dont even wear helmets because it gets in their way.
A: only people on the ground wearing helmets are soldiers and mostly at night or when they dont expect ambushes. look up the tongo tongo ambush
A: nobody is going to shoot you with anything lower than a 5.56 helmets aren’t even rated for 9mm. the purpose of the helmet is night visiion and comms and every now and then, it saves someone from a 7.62 a mile out. less than that though, its going right through it.

R: In my oppinion you generalise too much. And I don’t need to watch war fotage to see, what my comrades wear or have worn. But yes, setups and equipment can be different and some units or individuals prefer not to wear a helmet. This video is just one possible setup.

A: nope, i was very specific. the problem with an opinion is that it demonstrates that you don’t know what you’re talking about. that’s literally the definition of opinion. to make statements without facts or previous knowledge. their’s a reason why you an opinion and i don’t. but kids like who play video games instead of educating themselves will always live in that limited fantasy of yours.
A: the fact that you think you dont need to watch war footage just demonstrates how oblivious you are. that’s why you have opinions and i have facts

R: Oh, you are trolling. Sorry, didn’t notice that. I hope you had fun. Stay safe.

A: I’m far too educated to waste my time reading any of that unintelligent garbage
A:  @ripperkon  << this is what happens when you play call of duty too much

R: You basically say, that things like „[…]nobody is[…]“ and „none of this will ever[…]“ is a specific statement. But I am not going to waste my time with someone who calls me „fraud“ and my words „unintelligent garbage“. Even while I try to be objective and open minded. Sorry. Just blocked you. You are wellcome. No more „garbage“ to read 😉

Kurze Stellungnahme: Ich reagiere auch gerne auf Kritik oder Kommentare, die wie Hate erscheinen. Oft kommt man dort dann zu einem gemeinsamen Konsens. Hier hatte ich das Gefühl, dass dies nicht passieren wird. Und wer mich oder meine Worte in Kommentaren dann unsachlich Beleidigt, der diskreditiert sich meiner Meinung nach selbst. 

Link zum Video/Kommentar: Special Forces Helmet Upgrade