Video: How to pack a military Backpack

Packing a backpack right can be challenging, if you don’t know what to keep in mind. I packed my bag quite often. From small 9 liter backpacks up to 100 liter or more. Of course there is no universal tutorial on how to pack a backpack. But some basics are always the same. Pack heavy things close to your back. Keep everything well packed without moving parts. Keep in mind what things you need to have good access to.

You need to answer yourself some questions:
What do I do and how much volume will I need?
What things need to be easily accessible?
What is heavy and what is light?
Do I have fragile equipment?

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Kamera 1: Sergej Jarosch, Kamera 2: Katharina D., Schnitt: Sergej Jarosch

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