Unity Tactical MARK Ear Pro Adapter

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You can wear active ear pro underneath your helmet pads. Or you mount it directly to the helmet. Both methods have got their advantages and disadvantages. 
If you want to mount your ear pro with proper pressure to your helmet, the MARK Adapter by Unity Tactical is a reliable solution. The shown model is compatible to ARC Rails.

Here the Adapter is combined with the SARA Sordin Adapters, that can be bought seperately.


This adapter is easy to mount. For this you need inch hexagon bits. Not the metric ones! Or you replace them.

This set is made up of several parts. Here you can see the ARC Rail Adapter disassembled. Here you can see, how the wire sits in the adapter.

Here is the housing, where the upper part will be slided in. Additionally to this there will be a screw. So it is attached super secure.

And from the other side…

When you loosen both screws, you can slide this into the ARC Rails. Then you can tighten the screws. This avoids the adapters to slide off in harsh movement. The screws can also be tightened in a way, that they are still able to be sliden off. This can come in handy, if you have several helmets.

Nun everything is put together and tightened with the big screw. Depending on how tight this screw is pulled, the ear pro will be easier to rotate or not. Loctite is recommended! Otherwise this screw can loosen over time.

The wire needs to be cut to the correct length. For this I used a multitool.

To attach this wire ends to a Sordin, you will need the SARA Sordin Adapters by Unity Tactical. These can be bought seperately.


Compared to the 3M Arc Rail Adapter, the MARK Adapters do have a notably securer fit. The 3M model only is kept in place by friction. And with 3m there is this “open mode”, that can be caused by rapid movement. The Unity Tactical MARK does have a permanent pressure on your head and therefore does provide a better protection for your hearing.
This is a super cool product, that I can recommend.

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