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I waited for such a product for quite some time. Now finally there is a Lens Bag for medium Tele Lenses by TT. The size fits well for a Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS II. I combined this pouch with a sling, that is not delivered with this product!


  • Material: 700den Cordura
  • Weight: 185g
  • Adjustable to different lenght lenses.
  • Padded bag with zipper.
  • Also usable with 50mm belts.
  • Usable with medium size tele lenses up to 100 mm diameter and 245 mm length.
  • Flexible area for tripod-adapters (they can stay on the lens)
  • Molle on the backside


The bag is padded from all sides. Only the elastic area for the tripod adapter is not padded. The elastic material is also not waterproof.

On both sides there are D rings to attach a sling (has to be bought separately). The red loop on top helps to find the opening easier, when there is only little light.

If you place the zipper pulls correct, you can even use the red loop to pull the pouch open.
The zipper does not open completely to the bottom. This avoids the lens to fall out and the bag is easier to close.

On the backside there is Molle. With this you can attach the bag on backpacks, belts, chest rigg and more. Or you can use the molle to attach the bag to a belt.

On the inside there is loop velcro on both sides. With hook velcro you can adjust the depth to shorter lenses.


I mainly use that lens bag when I don’t carry my photography bag. It allows me to carry my 70-200mm in a protective pouch. When I work with two lenses, one is on the camera and the other one will be in that pouch.

The 70-200 f2.8 IS II fits perfect. But with the 2x tele converter it will not fit inside. For shorter lenses you can change the depth.
Made for medium size tele lenses up to 100 mm diameter and 245 mm length.

This pouch does not really protect from water. But it provides impact protection.

Right now I am building a belt with this lens bag and a camera bag. So I will continue to use this pouch and carry on the test. I will update this test.

From Tasmanian Tiger there are now a variety of tactical photography products. So feel free to visit their website and take a look.

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TT Tele Lens Bag

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