TT Focus ML Camera Bag

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If you have been looking for a camera bag, it is likely, that you mainly found black ones and non-tactical ones. Now Tasmanian Tiger offers a molle pouch for people who want to bring a camera. This camera bag can be placed on a belt, attached with Molle or carried with a shoulder sling.


  • Material: 700den Cordura
  • Weight: 505g
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder sling
  • Removable hip strap
  • Carry handle
  • Inner lid pocket
  • Completely padded main compartment with zipper
  • Loop velcro for patches on the lid
  • Integrated rain cover
  • Two accessory pockets inside
  • Adjustable seperators
  • Attachable to a belt with a channel on the backside
  • MOLLE-Reverse-System
  • Lasercut-MOLLE-System


On the outside you can see the lasercut molle. You have some slits for pouches. On the sides is also molle. With additional pouches you can add more space for needed equipment.

On the backside is a small flat pocket. Here is the integrated rain cover. The gray model comes with a black rain cover.

With this cover the content is better protected from rain. Here you can see the olive pouch with its olive cover.

In this pocket you can also stow the 25mm hip belt. If needed you can wrap this around your hip to keep the camera bag in place.
On the backside you also have molle.
Underneath the upper loops there is a channel, that is suitable for a 50mm belt.

On the sides are D rings for the shoulder sling. And also loops to attach a chest harness.

On the top there is loop velcro for patches.

When the molle is oriented towards the body, the lid will fold away from you. This provides easy access to the camera.

The lid can be folded open completely.

In the lid you have a flat pocket, that is closed with a zipper. But there is no padding between the content of that pocket and the camera. The zipper pull is hidden in a zipper garage.

On the inside you also have loop velcro. The bag comes with two seperators. These are stiff and have hook velcro. With them you can prevent the camera from sinking too deep into the bag. And the bag also comes with two velcro pouches. Depending on the lens they fit in the lower part right next to the lens. They are well suitable for spare batteries for example.

The camera bag itself is padded completely. The color you see is the new Titan Grey from Tasmanian Tiger. 

If you use the TT Harness Set you can wear the pouch on the chest.

The included 20mm webbing can be used for an additional fixation to the chest. But in my oppinion it’s enough to attach the harness set to to two upper loops on the pouch. It’s possible to use the 25mm buckle. But with the rotating ring it’s easier to clip the D-rings on the pouch.


Tested with following cameras:
Right now I mainly used it with my Canon EOS 70D and 5DS R with mounted lenes, I listed below. With a battery grip the camera sadly does not fit inside.

Tested with following lenses:
Sigma Art 24mm f1.4, Sigma Art 85mm f1.4, Canon 17-40 f4.0 and similar will fit well. For an EF 70-200mm lens the pocket is not deep enough.

Inner dimensions of the bag:
Depth: 21cm
Main opening: 17,5cm x 11cm

Closing words:
A nice camera bag, that also fits some acessories for the camera. Before you buy it, make sure to check what lens and camera you are going to use. And if it will fit.

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TT Focus MC Camera Bag

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