Tasmanian Tiger Modular Digi Cam VL Insert

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A velcro pouch for a camera. Usable for camera body or camera body + lens.

  • Made for lenses up to approx. 95 mm diameter and 145 mm length.
  • Not suitable for cameras with battery grip.

Weight: 155g
Material: 700den Cordura

In this review I am using a Canon EOS 5D SR in the pouch.

It can be closed with a velcro strap.

Or with a 25mm buckle for the more silent approach.

So you have fast access to the camera.

The perimeter does not fit a 5D SR with battery grip.

Depending on the size of the lens, you can stow the camera with the lens attached. Here is a Canon EF 17-40mm without the lens hood inside.

For tele lenses you can remove the bottom of the pouch. It can be useful to miss out the lens hood, because it can snag. Here a Canon EF 70-200 f2.8 IS II is attached.

The parts

The delivered items from one side.

And from the other side.

Build up

The main part is the base.

Depending on the size and length of the camera/lens the bottom is attached at first. Since the pouch later is attached with velcro, you have some play towards the lower end.

After this the lid is attached. In the process you can try with the camera, to build the correct size.

Now the middle part. This one wraps around the camera/lens.

Thenn the bottom is folded up onto the middle part.

At last you select your prefered closure system and velcro it on.


It is important to keep in mind, that this pouch does not protect well against fluids, dirt and dust. But single parts have a light padding to provide some impact protection.

Area of use
This camera pouch can be used well in combination with backpacks or the Front Seat Panel from TacVec Serie by Tasmanian Tiger. With it the camera will stay at the same place and is easy and fast accessible.

Closing word
If you are looking for some kind of a tactical camera holster, you may found it. Camera pockets with zippers will offer a slower access to the camera. When in use with a backpack I prefer the 25mm buckle. Because the velcro can get caught by jackets and open accidentally.

Tasmanian Tiger

Modular Digi Cam VL Insert

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