Is NIR useless in times of thermal devices?

In times of thermal devices it seems like the near infrared camouflage is useless. At least dozens of keyboard operators try to tell me this. I assume they use the word “useless” as a exaggeration. But hey, let’s talk about that topic. With our human eyes we are only able to see a narrow area of the electromagnetical spectrum. There is also the ultraviolett as well as the infrared. Night vision devices are able to see the visible light as well as the near infrared. So as long as opposing forces with night vision are looking for you, NIR camouflage can safe your life. But sure, if someone is looking for you with a thermal device, the NIR camouflage will not help. But the camouflage colors of your uniform wont help either. But have you ever hears someone telling you, that camouflage uniforms are useless? ;-P

External links:
Image source for the electromagnetical spectrum
Berghaus Product Catalogue
The shown night vision device is from Act in Black

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