GHOSTHOOD Ghost-Hoodie

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The Ghost-Hoodie from the German company GHOSTHOOD is one of their bestsellers. With this ultra light camouflage poncho GHOSTHOOD brought a product to the market, that fills a worldwide gap. Times of heavy and voluminous camouflage are gone.


Weight: 395g
Material: 100% Polyester

The Ghost-Hoodie

The style of the Ghost-Hoodie is a poncho. But the sides are stitched together to form sleeves. In this review you can see the camo pattern Concamo Green Gen 2, which is on the market since late 2020 (Background infos on

The camouflage cover comes packed in itself and has got a volume of approx. 1,5 liters.

The hood also covers the face. But it is open in the front.

So you can roll it up for free vision. Or place it to the back.

The hole and the hood are big enough to fit a balistic helmet. The mesh can be still used to conceal the face. But with the helmet the vision will be limited by it.

For better camouflage on close range, the eyes are covered with mosquito netting.

The eye opening is big enough, so you can have a good vision of the ground, without moving your hear too much.

On the back it has got a cord locker to tighten the hood for a proper fit.

I am 1,92m tall and the Ghost-Hoodie reaches down to my knees.

On the front you can find this elastic loop.

With this you can “shorten” the front. This can come in handy in high foliage or in alpine environments.

For crawling or access to tactical gear, the front of the Ghost-Hoodie can be placed in the jacket or shirt.

Close to the above mentioned elastic loop is a opening for optics. This can be used for scopes, camera lenses and other optical devices.

When moving, you can put your arms inside and use the opening for a camera or a monocular.

Or when a camera or spotting scope is mounted to a tripod, you can also camouflage it. It is recommended to add additional camouflage to the lens.

When in prone with a rifle, the rifle as well as head and shoulders can be covered. When it’s windy, additional fixation of the loose material is needed.

Attached to the sleeves are covers for the hands. Also the thumb is covered.

The trigger finger can be placed outside.

The sleeve is wide enough to fit common winter jackets.

All over the Ghost-Hoodie you will find approx. 55 of these loops. GHOSTHOOD calls them C-Fix with stands for Camouflage-Fixation. You can stick and knot in vegetation for advanced camouflage.

On the backside is a piece of webbing. This is used as an indicator to easily identify the back even when there is low to no light available. So even with limited vision, the Ghost-Hoodie can be thrown on easy.

Coverage of Colors

Here you see, how thin the 80g/m² material is. But it still coveres even bright colors.

En extreme example is this neon orange jacket. The bright colors still shine through.

Combination with tactical gear

A chest rig and similar can be easily worn over the Ghost-Hoodie. On the picture I combined it with a Tube-Scarf to conceal the face.

The Ghost-Hoodie is big enough to fit over plate carriers and other tactical nylon. This avoids shadows and can improve the camouflage. For the access to magazines I recommend to place the front behind the plate or inside the jacket. Also with the pistol on the belt you need to be carefull. But when worn on top, the hoodie is super easy to throw off.

Camouflage Effect

If you kneel down, it also covers the legs. The Ghost-Hoodie covers most of the typical human shadows, caused by arms and legs. This helps to be camouflaged. To see more of the camouflage effect, go to the GHOSTHOOD website or social media account and check the pictures. Most of them are also made by me 😉

Care Instructions

Here the care instructions. But usually this product will not be washed as often as a uniform. The 30°C in mainly added to help to keep the infrared colors for as long as possible.

Near Infrared

The fabric in the camouflage pattern Concamo Green is printed with 8 infrared colors. This helps it to blend in even when observed through night-vision devices. On the left side is a picture I took with a modified DLSR camera with an 720nm IR filter attached.


I have to do with GHOSTHOOD products for some years now. And I am also involved with the development of these products.

The thin 80g/m² material is stronger than you might think. But sure, all materials have their limitations. But until now I had no holes in GHOSTHOOD product. Even not caused by thorns or sticks. Since 2023 the material got stronger.

Field of use
Usable for fast camouflage. No matter if you use it for military, police, hunting, wildlife photography or special interests. In summer you can wear this over a t-shirt. And in winter over a thick winter jacket.
The Ghost-Hoodie also covers small backpacks up to 30l. But the 30l can cause some restrictions in your freedom of movement.

All in one
The Ghost-Hoodie alone combines camouflage for: Upper Body, small backpack, chest rig, hands, helmet, face and upper legs. All combined in one product. Keep this in mind when comparing it to other camouflage products. Because on other product you often have to buy those things separately.

Usefull additions
A buff or Tube-Scarf is a good addition to keep the face camouflaged. The net in front of the eyes will have a negative effect on the vision, when light shines on it. So cutting two holes inside it, can help with that. For an even better camouflage effect I recommend to add burlap or other adaptive camouflage to the CFIX loops.

Closing Words
Surely a suitable product, if you are looking for light weight, compact and easy to use camouflage. Camouflage does not have to be heavy. The Ghost-Hoodie also covers civil colors like red shirts etc. It can be used the whole year and thanks to its features it is a versatile tool. Even if you only use it to hide you backpack or as an addition to your Ghillie Suit.
Also underneath chest rigg or plate carrier you can use the Ghost-Hoodie or Compact-Poncho to achieve some advances camouflage.



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