UF Pro ACE Winter Combat Shirt

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The AcE Winter Combat Shirt is a Combat Shirt, wich is designed for activities in low temperatures. 


Weight: 900g (Size L)
Sizes: XS-4XL
Colors: Browngrey, Multicam

– Ventilation zippers



A cool pocket is the one, that is on the front. You can access it from both sides. The openings are closed with zippers.

The front zipper is designed diagonal. This shall avoid pressure points when layerin several layers.

The collar can be adjusted in the back with an elatic cord.

 In the arm pits are big ventilation zippers. But these don’t give access to lavers underneath. They just open the windproof layer. This avoids cold air to freeze your skin, but allows good ventilation.

The sleeves have soft elastic wristlets. So no cold air can come inside.

They are made from two layers. The first one has got an opening for a watch or similar.


On the upper arm there is a pocket with zipper on both sides. On these pockets there is velcro for patches.

These pockets are equipped with pull tabs for your teeth. This is made to allow one-handed operation of the zippers.

On the forearm there is also one pocket on each side.

On the front the pocket is like you know it from sweaters.


I used this shirt for more than two winters. In civil/mountain as well as in tactical situations. From the functionality I would compare it to a wind jacket, that is combined with a thin fleece. I will continue my testing and will add content to this review from time to time.

Temperature range
In light activity I can wear this shirt comfortable up to 5°C. But it performs best in teperatures below 3°C. Of course this is just personal sentation. It totally depens on how you react to the cold.

Closing word
When you are on the range or in the mountains all day long, with this shirt you have a functional shirt, that combines a base layer with a windbreaker. No matter if with or without plates, in low temperatures, wind and moisture, this shirt is close to a perfect all-in-one solution. When the activity get more intense, you just open the ventilation zippers. Also the big zipper on the collar allows additional ventilation.
This shirt is no replacement for a rain jacket. You will still need one. But light rain is no problem. But at some point a hardshell jacket is needed.


Uf Pro AcE Winter COmbat Shirt

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